Our Principles root in Honesty


Time is precious to you.


Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Go Above and Beyond

Our Vision, Mission and Core Value
  • Our Vision & Values
  • For Partner Cruise Lines
    Our vision is to lead in the creation and delivery of innovative workforce solutions and services, enabling our partner cruise lines to take the lead in the volatile world of work.

    For Taiwanese talents
    Opportunities don't happen. BVHCC creates them. Make the career at sea possible and accessible so the talents have chances to shine and develop on the international stages.

Taiwan's got talents!

Booming hospitality industries in Taiwan have cultivated thousands of high-quality employees. We determinedly pave the ways for talents and starts of 21st-century tourism, such as the international cruise industry.

The Legal Way

We are accredited with the Governments’ approvals and fully complied with the ILO’s Maritime Labour Conventions (2006) on “Recruitment and Placement Service Provider” legislation.

The Efficient Way

We have developed the brand-new recruiting system to distinguish right candidates for the right employer. With experiences, we handle the hassles. The talents just follow the steps to join the ship smoothly.

The Sincere Way

We reveal the pros and cons of cruise life. We clearly state job requirement and opportunities.  We distinguish right candidate to the suitable position and the right Cruise Line. Yes, we follow the golden rules of sincerity and honesty.

The Innovation Way

The internet has revolutionized our world ranging from communication, commerce, even to Talents Acquisitions. We keep updated with trends and utilize the various technologies to expedite the recruiting process. We keep innovating to serve candidates and employers well.


Go Above and Beyond is Our Vision and Our Commitment.

Hiring RIGHT people is the key to running a successful company. We happily support the extraordinary enterprises to thrive and assist the talents to grow. The world and our grandchildren will benefit from this healthy and positive cycle. To contribute this cycle, Bon Voyage Human Capital will keep exceeding your expectation and provide your more surprise.

Wish you have a Bon Voyage with Bon Voyage Human Capital Corp.