The Path to Become Official Crew Member

  • Pass the Job Interview
  • Get Marlins English certificate (if applicable)、Professional licences and other training certificates
  • Pass the Pre-Employment Medical Examination (PEME)
  • Get Passport valid at least 1 year
  • Apply for C1/D Visa
  • Receive Ticket Confirmation & Letter of Employment
  • Fly to appointed airport and embark the ship
  • Sign the contract
  • Complete the documentation Check
  • Pass the probation
  • Entitle the official crew membership
  • Finish the contract and Enjoy the vacation

Step 1. Email Your CV

Please Email your CV with your picture attached to official mailbox . And please set your title as “【position】your name.” For example, 【Shore Excursions Staff】 Marry Wang

Step 2. Wait patiently for the replies

Bon Voyage Workshop will review your CV. If you are qualified, your will get replies in 3 days.


Step 3. Interview with the recruiter from Bon Voyage

If you pass the CV review, you will have the first interview with representative from Bon Voyage Human Capital CROP.


Step 4. Interview with the recruiter from the cruise lines

The cruise line HR representative will invite you to have the second video interview. If you pass the video interview, you will have another video interview from your future boss.


Step 5. Pass Marlins English certificate (if applicable)、Professional licenses and other training certificates

If you are qualified, you will have some skill tests like Excel & World Examination.


Step 6. Pass the Pre-Employment Medical Examination (PEME)

PEME Form from RCCL & PEME Form from NCLH

Once you get approval notice, taking the Health Examination is your step 6th. If you get any writing notice from doctor or any concern to work on board, the cruise company won’t allow you to work.


Step 7. Apply for C1/D Visa after receiving Letter of Employment

Once you get assigned itinerary and your Letter of Employment, you can visit American Institute in Taiwan to apply your C1/D visa. 


What is Letter of Employment?

A letter of employment (LOE) is a document provided by the Cruise company that states the date you are scheduled to join the team, the vessel you are joining, and the position for which you have been hired. You must have this document available at all times when travelling to join the ship.


Step 8. Receive ticket confirmation

Print out the ticket reservation information. Whether the ticket is provided or not depends on the cruise lines policy. Check this link for more information.


Step 9. Complete Sign-on Procedure

After you flight ground on appointed airport, there will be some reception holding the cruise line welcome sign. Follow their instruction, hop on bus and arrive the hotel. Tomorrow morning, meet the reception as schedule. You will take the transfer to go on board. The Crew Administration Officers will welcome you on ashore and collect important document such as your PEME (original version), your contract with signature, etc. They will inform you the training schedule, cruise important policy and guide you to the team.

Crew Sign-On Journey

Welcome on Board & Bon Voyage.


Step 10. Pass the probation

For New Hires, there will be 3-month probation period. Please give your full play to your job and win guests satisfaction, team recognition, manager recommendation, etc. Once you pass the probation, you officially work for the Cruise Line.


Step 11. Finish the contract and Enjoy the vacation

End of Contract Procedures for Crew are as below.

You will be informed of details of your flight home when it is closed to sign-off date. (Please keep updated with your Crew Administrator.) The onboard crew office will organize your flights home as well as any transfers to the airport that you will need.

On the very last day of your contract, you will be given a final performance appraisal. And also you will present yourself to immigration officials then you will ‘sign off’ with the onboard crew office. The term, repatriation, is used to describe when the crewmember must return to their country of residence as per the International Labor Organization C166 – Repatriation of Seafarers.

Additionally, since the “D” part of the C1/D visa only permits the crew member to remain in the US as long as their vessel (cruise ship) remains in the US, they must fly home immediately if they finish their contract in the US. The only exception is if they have obtained a tourist visa. If you finish your contract in a country other than the US, you also need to obtain a tourist visa.