Packing and Reminding

Suggestion for Packing

Pack for 1-week Trip: 

You don’t have to pack a home to work at the sea. There will be port time and resting time for your to shop at the Mall on the shore or crew store on board. Bring the necessary and purchase supplements after sign-on. 

Choose the right Luggage and Carry-On: 

Considering you may take lots of souvenir or gifts home, you should save some space while you choose your luggage. Also, check the maximum luggage weight allowance with your airline. Remember to specify your identity is the crew member not regular passenger. Some airlines may provider higher luggage weight allowance for the crew, which is one of advantage of being the crew. 

Take the important document with you in the carry-on

You never know your checking luggage will be missing or not. Have important documents like passport, LOE, PEME, Vaccination Record, etc.. 

Exchange some cash into US/ Euro

Bring at least 200 US dollar and Euro with you in case of emergency. Also you can use the cash to buy your uniform or missing items.  

Suggestion Packing Checklist 

Here is the suggestion list for you to download. We highlighted the necessary items in RED. Followings are detailed explanation for the necessary items.

Dresses/ Dressed Pants

You may be invited to the crew party or team party in the fine dining restaurant onboard. The formal dresses is required and not easily to find on shore. 


Depending your positions, you will wear white or black socks during your work. 

Black Leather Shoes & White Sneakers

Usually, wearing the black leather shoes is requirement to perform duties of most positions. Confirm the color with Bon Voyage once you become the prospective crew member.


Most cruise ship plug & outlet type is fit for US & Euro counties standard since most guests comes from these countries. For Taiwanese, you don’t need switcher for US one. But for your convenience, bringing all purpose switcher is highly recommendation. 

Emergency Contact Information

The cruise lines will have port agency take care the prospective crew member. To prevent unexpected situation, there is emergency hot line available for the traveling crew member to seek assistance. Unexpected situations could be missing flights, no representative shown at the airport or wrong hotel transportation, etc. It is extremely vital to keep the emergency hot line with you. 

Keep your Family updated with your safe

No matter how hard to call/ connect online, You should contact your family to announce your safe arrival. They are your ultimate safety net in life. Cherish them and ease their worries.