Must-Bring Document :

  • Passport valid at least one year from your sign-on date
  • C1/D Visa
  • Other necessary visa

Passport valid at least one year from your sign-on date
While the crew member work oversea, the passport is just like personal ID. Without valid passport, without entry. Regarding the validation period, it is better to have at least one year from your sign-on date. Therefore, it can cover your 6-month contract. Also, it entitle you flexibility to extend your contract.

C1/D Visa

Most cruise lines request the crew member to successfully obtain a US C1/D visa (except US and Canadian citizens). The reason is that you will be qualified to join a ship in the United States or to transit through a US port.

Followings are the definitions of these visas:
  • C1 Visa – Permits the bearer to arrive in the US and request direct and immediate transit through the US. It permits non-immigrant crewmembers to arrive in the US (typically by air) and request direct and immediate transit to their cruise ship.
  • D Visa – Permits the crewmember to remain in the US as long as their vessel (cruise ship) remains in the US, not exceeding 29 days.
  • C1/D Visa – Dual purpose visa permits the bearer to arrive in the US in either the C1 or D classification.
C1/D Visa

After the successful interview and following your PEME assignment, the crew member is given an Letter of Employment (LOE, a letter confirming that you’ve been hired) by Bon Voyage. LOE is critical document in order to apply for C1/D visa at a US Embassy/Consulate in your home country.

Here are links for applicants from Taiwan: click here
Always, please review all procedure so you can be prepared.

Regarding the fee of visa application, most cruise lines will reimburse you once you successfully join the ship. In other hand, if you fail to sign on, the fee will become your expedition.

Just kindly remind that, on the day of your interview, make sure to bring the following:

* Your passport
* Employment Letter from the cruise line
* Receipt of payment for the visa fee
* Additional photo, meeting the Department of State requirements (as above)
* The completed DS-160 application form

Other necessary visa

The nationality of the cruise ship (flag of where the ship is registered) has no bearing on whether or not you need a visa. Depending on your nationality, the country that you join your ship and your ship’s itinerary, will determine which visas you will need for your contract.

For Taiwanese, you can visit 80 countries without visa and 40 countries to apply visa-on arrival. Here is the link of list of countries for your reference. 

List of other popular countries:
  • Canada:ETA
  • EU contries: you don’t have to apply for the visa if you travel within 90 days. (Link