Cruise Life

Key Points:

  • Working Hours:Max 70 hours/ per week, No weekends
  • Dining Services:All meals included and served in self-Buffet style
  • Accommodation:Single or Sharing room with others like YHA
  • Crews Welfare:Medical Insurance, Daily night activities, crew shore excursion tours, and more.
  • Military-like hierarchy of authority: necessary for organized teamwork
  • Mandatory Safety Training & General Emergency Drills: to obey Government and fleet regulations
  • Constantly Sanitation: Prevention of disease outbreak

Working onboard is totally different from on land. Crew Member lives and works on the cruise ship. The crew maybe shares his/her cabin with colleagues. After waking up, the crew member proceeds to crew mess to have quick breakfast. Then the crew member follows the working schedule. The schedule could be morning, noon and night shifts. Once finishing the duty, the crew member can relax and basically utilize his free time. During his/her free time, the crew member can go ashore to tour, shop, dine, call home, sleep, have fun with friends, read, watch movies, have a drink in the crew bar, etc. In this way, the duty of position decides your crew life. When you apply for the job, it is very important to understand the responsibility and imagine what kind of the cruise life would look like. For example, the Guests Services Officer will take turns to work during the port time and even at night time. However, the Duty-Free Sales will work mostly on sailing time until midnight.

The guests’ venue usually is not allowed the crew member to enjoy but sometimes open for the crew. The cruise companies understand the importance of recreation in the high-stress working environment. There are crew entertainment activities and facilities like crew bar, stores, gym, game rooms, etc to assist the crew refresh themselves.

It is compulsory for the ship team to obey government and fleet regulations like United States Public Health Standard, the International Labour Organization Convention, Coast Guard in porting countries, etc. The crew member has to join Mandatory Safety Training & General Emergency Drills in the weekly basis.

To have the clearer idea of cruise life, you are more than welcome to enjoy the below ship visit video.

Cruise Ship Tour