Key Points:

  • Venue:All meals and snacks will be served at the crew mess.
  • Dining Time: You will have half an hour for each mealtime when on duty.
  • Style: Meals are buffet style; serve and clean up for yourself.

Crew Mess Crazy Food?

To find your meal onboard is “MESS”. Crew mess is the dining area where cruise ship crew members have their breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper. The meals are specially prepared in the crew galley so it’s not the same food as the one for the guests. However, some leftover cuisine from guests’ buffet will deliver to the mess, especially the supper. And some level above can enjoy guests’ restaurants free of charges.

Is the meal tasty? Well, the food is OK. Since the crew members come from all corners of the world, the cuisine have modified to universal level. If you love spicy, salty, soybean flavor, etc, you are very welcome to bring your own seasons onboard. Even though it is not excellent as the crew members’ home cuisine, the crew still may gain some weight. So let’s say it is not that bad.

Is there only one mess to choose? Not exactly, depending on the ship sizes and the amount of crew members. Because of the nature of the environment, space is utilized very efficiently onboard. Some crews on smaller ships actually eat the same food as the passengers, but on the large ships, the crew almost always has their own mess hall. Usually there are two to three dining areas for employees on cruise ship (crew mess, staff mess, and officer’s mess). Some cruise lines like Celebrity Cruises incorporated only one mess for all the personnel.

The great news is all meals are included, complimentary, to put it in simple, FREE. That becomes one of advantages of working onboard –saving money. About the choices, the crew mess provides variety cuisine. You can have salad bar, rice, pasta, potato, deserts, hot dishes, soup, cold cuts, juices and sometimes pizza and burgers.