Essential Training

The Essential Training includes critical company policy, enterprise business core and some cruise-knowledge-related classes.

Among them, the Zero Tolerance Policy is the most important. If anyone violates the Zero Tolerance Policy, he or she will be dismissed without any exemption. In most cruise companies, there are some common Zero Tolerance Policy as followings.

  • Zero tolerance punching policy: to punch in and punch out in timely manner.
  • Zero Tolerance Alcohol Policy: The Crew member are not permitted to become inebriated or intoxicated while on their assignment contract. They are not allowed to drink alcohol while on duty. Violation of either of these rules is grounds for dismissal. For example, Costa Cruises implemented zero tolerance alcohol policy for employees working in the engine department, bridge officers, medical and deck department. This means that they are not allowed have alcohol in the crew bar, disco or any bars aboard the ship. If the officer is tested positive on alco-test he or she will be terminated from the company. Usually, most cruise lines set at certain percentage, like 0.04%, of blood alcohol concentration as the legal limit, which allowed employees
  • Zero tolerance drug policy with random testing: Drug possession, transportation and usage are causes for immediate termination.
  • Zero tolerance for harassment of any nature: Every crew member is responsible for keeping a safe, harmonious environment onboard.

The crew is ambassador of company’s spirit. It is vital that all crew members understand and conduct the business core while serving the guests. Crew Admin Department will design several lecture, training, activities and even competition with praise to inspire and encourage the crew members. Take Celebrity Cruise for example, they train the crew to truly enliven the STAR principles. So the crew can bring meaning to the Celebrity experience.

Here comes the interesting portion… … Do you know how to handle great amount of waste in cruise? Do you know how to reduce environment impact from cruise? Do you know how the shower water comes from in cruise? There is much know-how in cruise world. Crew Admin will reveal the mystery of cruise ship if you pay attention on the classes.