Uniforms & Laundry
Uniform Importance

To strengthen cruise brand image and make the crew standout, specially designed uniforms is necessary and important. The uniforms for certain position will be issued once the crew member reports onboard. The charge on the uniforms varies, depending on the cruise policy.

Crew uniforms and work clothes are cleaned free of charge, part of crew welfare. How about personal clothing? Laundry machines and dryers will be available for the crewmember personal use. There will be extra charges incurred.

Did you notice that almost crew member in the picture wear dark leather shoes or the white sneakers? The crew member will be required to use non-slip safety shoes while on duty. Shoes are not provided onboard. In this way, the crew member has to purchase the approved brand/style before joining or onboard the vessel. Please note that open toe shoes/flipflops/etc. are not permitted onboard in crew areas.