• 01Talent Acquisition
    BVHCC sources outstanding candidates at full aspects for the partner cruise lines to select from. BVHCC distinguishes motivated professionals who are sincere about building the career at sea with our partners.
  • 02Qualified Medical Facilities
    BVHCC finds the certified medical facilities following STCW and assists expecting employees to complete the PEME.
  • 03The Seaman Service Book
    BVHCC cooperates with the certified institution offering essential training. Taiwan’s Seaman Law was amended in 2017. To issue the Seaman Service Book simply requires taking classes with expenditure approximately US$700.
  • 04Visa Application
    Since the Taiwanese have the excellent reputation, obtaining C1/D Visa takes no more than 1 week. Also, the Taiwanese enjoy benefits of visa-free or visa on arrival access to 134 countries and territories, including major ports in Europe, America, Asia, etc.
  • 05Training Programs
    BVHCC trains the expecting employees to be able to interpret the important command and take action properly, especially pertaining to safety at sea. These trained employees will adapt to cruise life easier with a high degree of professionalism.