Gallery Director
Job Title: Gallery Director
Reports To:  Principal Auctioneer
Position Grade:  1.5 Stripes
Department: Art Auction Department
Manger's Title: Principal Auctioneer
Monthly Salary Range: USD$1,000~1,500  + commission
(Accurate Salary will be noted once the candidate officially hired; Gallery Directors earn a weekly guaranteed base pay in addition to open commissions based on targets achieved)

Job Overview:
The Gallery Director (GD) is “second in command” in the onboard art program and plays a critical role in its success. A Gallery Director’s chief function is to manage the onboard art gallery and to actively enrich the art program by organizing supplemental lectures, gallery exhibitions, and collecting events. Gallery Directors also supervise the daily performance of other team members. Gallery Directors are given feedback daily and are formally evaluated once per month by their Principal Auctioneer. Gallery Directors are expected to practice their auctioneering and oration techniques continually. Once a Gallery Director has consistently demonstrated mastery of each of the aforementioned tasks, they will be considered for the Principal Auctioneer job position.

Responsibilities and Duties include (but are not limited to)
  • Assists the Principal Auctioneer in developing and executing a comprehensive onboard marketing plan
  • Functions as a strong, collaborative, one-on-one sales professional, which includes hosting clients who request personal appointments to discuss potential acquisitions
  • Supports the art program through art enrichment lectures, gallery exhibitions, and other collecting events
  • Manages and schedules front-of-house auction registration staff
  • Curates art displays and supervises auction preparations

  • Experience:Fine arts gallery, auction sales experience and proven sales record preferred
  • Education level
    • High school diploma or higher is preferred.
    • Degree or Diploma in Art related is an asset.
  • Specific skills & Knowledge
    • Possesses strong public speaking skills
    • Possesses an entrepreneurial mindset and a competitive drive
    • Enjoys a fast-paced and dynamic work environment
    • Works closely with other team members in a multicultural environment
    • Be personable and maintain a professional demeanor and appearance
  • Language
    • Ability to speak English clearly, distinctly and cordially with guests
    • Ability to communicate in English to understand, interpret written procedures, give and receive instructions in written and verbal forms and to effectively present information and respond to questions from guests, supervisors and co-workers
    • Excellent verbal and written command of the English language
    • Ability to speak additional languages such as Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Portuguese preferred.
    •  Must be about to speak English plus at least one of the following languages to a conversational/business level (Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese)
  • Physical abilities
    • Must meet all physical requirements, including the ability to participate in emergency life-saving drills and required training.
    • Ability to lift and/or move up to 50 pounds
  • Career Prospects
    • Joining the Shoreside Management:  Advanced auctioneers may have the opportunity to join other departments, including Fleet Management, Marketing, and Recruiting.
    • Representing International Auction Team: Qualified auctioneers may have the opportunity to join a land-based sales team.
    • Other Opportunities: Many auctioneers go on to pursue a career in business, entrepreneurship, sales, broadcasting, and museum studies.