Department Organization Chart:

★★★★★ Cruise Director

★★★★  Assistant Cruise Director

★★★ Event Manager/ Youth Activities Manager

★★ Social Hostess/ Youth Activities Assistant Manager

★ Cruise Staff/ Youth Staff


Carnival Entertainment Overview

Size:10~20 persons

Brief Introduction:

Introduction from the cruise line give you the authentic and vivid image. Below is quoted from RCCL

  • Are you passionate about the fields of entertainment and recreation, and want to be a part of delivering a guest experience that is innovative, fun and full of WOW!? If so, then we invite you to become a part of our shipboard team of experienced professionals and performers.

    Our casts of outstanding dancers, singers, ice skaters, divers and more perform in Broadway-caliber shows in large-scale performance venues onboard. Our team of entertainment technicians work behind the scenes on state-of-the-art sound, light, video and rigging equipment to make our amazing productions possible. And our Guest Activities team members create an atmosphere of fun and excitement on our ships by hosting a wide variety of events and activities for guests of all ages, including youth activities, sports and recreation events and general activities.

Below is quoted from Celebrity Cruise Line 

  • Do what you love and see the world!

    Celebrity Cruises, an industry leader providing state-of-the-art entertainment along with innovative and unique activities and programming, offers excellent opportunities to enrich your career, too!

    We combine our passion and pride to excel in delivering a total entertainment experience; from original Broadway and Vegas caliber shows to the unique Celebrity Life program that invite guests to explore a wonderful variety of interests, our success begins with the fantastic employees who bring these events to life.

    Whether you yearn for the spotlight or choose to operate one, Celebrity Entertainment has a role for you.

    Come join our team of cool, creative, talented and passionate entertainment and activity professionals. Our ships are your stage!