Human Resources
Department Organization Chart:

★★★★ Human Resources Manager

★★★ Training and Development Manager

★★ Crew / Staff Administrator

★ Crew / Staff Administrative (Welfare) Assistant

Crew Activity

Size:3 ~8 persons

Brief Introduction:

Introduction from the cruise line give you the authentic and vivid image. Below is quoted from RCCL 

  • A vital part of our success is found in the support received from our shipboard human resource division, as we strive to meet and exceed the expectations of crew members and guests.

    Our team members come from a span of six continents, reflecting a culturally rich and diverse makeup. Positions range from crew support and assistance to executive level management and planning, all of which are important aspects of our onboard human resources. We encourage these team members to express motivational skills and leadership abilities in order to deliver the best crew and passenger services.

Below is quoted from Celebrity Cruises 

  • The shipboard Human Resource team represents our crew members from all over the world who truly enliven the STAR principles that bring meaning to the Celebrity experience. For us, it is all about "Starring Crew" and our dedication to creating the very best environment in which to work and live, as we help our team members thrive and succeed, to achieve their professional goals.

    Our HR managers are strategic business partners to our operational colleagues as they collaborate to maximize the potential of our shipboard crew. Further, with the help of the Training & Development manager, the Crew Welfare Specialist, and the Crew Administrator, they also work closely to help crew members with everything from onboarding and orientation to professional development and promotions - and all the events and endeavors in between and beyond, as they help guide crew members through their shipboard careers and life onboard.