Department Organization Chart:

★★★★ Photo manager

★★★ Assistant photo manager

★★ Photographer/ Videographer (the videographer position with some cruise lines are within the Cruise Activities / Cruise Staff Department)

★ Junior photographer


Carnival Entertainment Overview

Size:3 ~15 persons

Brief Introduction:

Introduction from the cruise line give you the authentic and vivid image. Below is quoted from RCCL & Celebrity Cruise Line

  • Image has been in the business of capturing vacation memories since 1987. As the largest and most successful photo concessionaire in the cruise industry, they serve over 40 ships carrying more than 80,000 guests per week on worldwide itineraries. They focus on providing creative solutions and reliable service to their three customers: guests, cruise line partners, and their own team of photographers.

    Do you enjoy photography? Desire to travel? Want to meet new people? To learn more about Image, and potential opportunities as a photographer onboard Royal Caribbean, visit their website at www.image.com.